Thursday, December 22, 2011

Violet belly song baby.

Violet belly song baby.

Some baby.

Some body.

Worldview in baby blues.

Baby Constellations.

baby stars baby wars

Baby love.

My baby love.

Baby Echoes in the baby chambers of our baby hearts.

step soft,

our dream lies here.

Baby grandpas up above,

Us below.

Watch us grow.

I see the moon

and the moon sees me.

Maybe baby moon baby

Maybe moon foxing on it

moon manning in it.

Maybe baby. Maybe.

Maybe not.

Maybe self-important flower petal

some planet flower spinning

on some flowered planet

all its own, all alone

Or amongst us wildest ones

wrestling endless fields of sun

of common, dirty, earth trash ones.

pepper in the edible and pink up the cities

all the pink moments in all the pink mouths

all the longest nights of all the newest years,

all the longest kisses

all the longest bombs gone out the longest windows

all blown out of baby darkness into baby light

Out the spinning earth clock in the baby belly,

Spits the Violet belly of the song baby out.

and he lay down in the grass and cried.


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