Tuesday, May 31, 2011

you fly around no one sees

There is a saying that goes along with the celebration of lights, Diwali: as the wick of an oil lamp must remain half in oil and half out in order to give off light, so is life. In order not to be drowned by the materialism of the world, one must be in the world while simultaneously remaining untouched by it: by being in the world but not drowning in the worldly aspect of it is to be the light of joy and knowledge. Heidegger once said that being-in-the-world is a mood that assails us. It comes, the mood, neither from the outside nor from the inside. One may turn away from a mood, but in doing so always turns towards another. Only through the mood are we able to encounter the world. THE WORLD. And upon unworlding? “Other times I get tired and lose all appetite for trifling asides about the future of worlds” (YES).

The liberation of Desire.

An otherness barely touched upon and that already moves away.

I had a dream that was about a bird. The bird was blue but its feathers were falling off. I tried to catch the bird, I held it in my hands and then I put it in a box. I opened the box and it fit the box perfectly and then it became smaller and smaller. I opened the box again and the bird came out but it looked like a very small baby bird with no feathers on it, it was pink and ugly and its legs were soft. I tried to feed it before it became so small and so weak and died. It ate some meeat that I had. It became a green insect, with wings, and it flew away. I watched it fly away.

Bird= part of myself . fly, and the jump, are fragile and delicate but free
Feathers falling out- part of myself- messy, hard to collect, scattering
Tried to catch the bird, put it in a box= part of myself- trying to control something free, scattered, falling apart
Ugly bird= part of myself= walking, moving, changing, process, fetus,
Feed the bird=part of myself= nourishing, wanting nourishment
Green insect flying away = part of myself – flying, growing, buzzing, going away, small but free.

Key Sparrow

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